25 Feb


  • February 25, 2016

Frankincense is an aromatic resinous substance that comes in both liquid and dry form. It is very similar to pine or cypress resin, and hard like Chios mastic.
The use of frankincense in the worship of God goes very far back, not only in Christianity, but also in Judaism.
Its offering as a valuable gift by the three Magi, along with myrrh and gold, is an indication of its rarity in the past.
However, it is not only intended for ecclesiastical use. In addition to its domestic use for religious reasons, the frankincense we produce can be combined with the suitable fragrances to scent your home. By burning it in a small incense burner without a charcoal disc, you can create a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere.
It is not so widespread today in its original form, as its scent is not for all tastes. In the past, however, it was widely used because its mixture with fragrances was rare and only customary on Mount Athos.
Manufacturing it is a complicated process as it must undergo many different stages before reaching its final form. These stages include grinding of the raw material, kneading it with the fragrance, moulding, cutting, mixing with magnesium, drying, sieving and packaging in boxes, all of which require human intervention.
Our goal being to achieve the quality of Mount Athos incense, this year we have decided to start producing it with the use of only first-class quality materials.
Our people select the raw material themselves, which is strictly pure and can under no condition be mixed, because this is of utmost importance in its creation, along with the fragrance, which is an equally important factor.
We put all our dedication into our frankincense, paying close attention to every last detail, and the result is a remarkable product with unique scents that last at least as long as it burns.
Try it!