Quality Policy

The company CANDIL – POLYMEROS PAPADOPOULOS M.E.P.E. is now one of the most significant companies in the Greek market in the field of bottling and standardization of liquid paraffin, as well as the standardization of religious items.

This Quality Policy expresses our culture and commitment to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements, establish and strive to achieve measurable quality objectives, and the continuous improvement effort of the Quality Management System (QMS) we implement in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001.

To implement our policy, the company:

  • Adopts the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, which it applies to all activities that impact the quality of its products.
  • Has established a core team of personnel for whom it ensures continuous training.
  • Has invested and continues to invest in facilities and equipment.
  • Continuously develops, introducing modern production methods.
  • Cooperates and is in a continuous process of evaluating its suppliers.
  • Sets measurable, objective quality objectives, which it systematically monitors and reviews within the framework of the QMS review by Management.
  • Investigates the level of customer satisfaction with the produced products.
  • Systematically monitors and complies with the applicable Greek and European legislation governing its products.

Management is committed to the regular review of this policy and the Integrated Management System it applies.

Thessaloniki, 10.09.2018
For Management
Polymeros Papadopoulos
General Manager

Quality Policy – Document

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Πολιτική Απορρήτου


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